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Tinkertown Museum

For a whimsical, fun-filled museum experience, visit the Tinkertown Museum located at 121 Sandia Crest Rd, Sandia Park, NM 87047. This eccentric museum has over 1,000 beautifully carved, miniature wooden figures. It's all housed in a ramshackle building constructed with glass bottles and bicycle wheels. Founded by Ross and Carla Ward, this museum is a must-see for families and kids. There are also a few unusual finds, including 100 plastic figures made from wedding cakes.

Located in Sandia Park, the Tinkertown Museum is home to a variety of whimsical collections. You'll see wacky items like wedding cake couples and Apache dolls. You can also see whittled characters in psychedelic dresses or hand-carved scenes from the Old West.

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A visit to Tinkertown will make you appreciate the miniature Wild West. This town is about 60 feet long and contains some amazing details. Among these are the skeleton mariachi band, the holy cow with a halo, and God and the Devil battling for souls. The museum's founder, Ross, died in 2002, but his wife, Carla, keeps the museum alive and well.


Another must-see attraction is the Menagerie of the Southwest, located in Albuquerque. It is an interactive museum showcasing Route 66 kitsch. You can even drive a car over a rumble strip and hear the tune "America the Beautiful." You'll be able to take photos with these relics, and learn about life in the American southwest.


For a more family-friendly outing, don't miss the Billy the Kid Museum, where you can see everything that was Billy's. The museum has an entire room dedicated to Billy, including his saddle spurs, the rifle he used to shoot the outlaw, and a collection of portraits and sepia-toned photographs. The museum is run by a native New Mexico couple who welcome visitors with southern hospitality.

The Living Desert State Park is another place to visit in New Mexico. There are several museums dedicated to space exploration, and a museum dedicated to this fascinating field is in Taos. There's even a historic

spacesuit, a moon rock, and a Rocket Sled that can travel 632 miles!


One of the most famous destinations in New Mexico is the White Sands National Monument. This unique landscape is carved out of rare forms of white gypsum and is one of the most iconic sights in the state. There's plenty to explore at the site, including hiking, camping, and guided nature walks.


The New Mexico Museum of Natural History and Science is another great place to visit in Albuquerque. It is one of the most unique places in New Mexico that you can visit with children. It has life-sized dinosaur skeletons, gemstone collections, and even a "learning garden" where you can play in the dirt and observe constellations.

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