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  • Shawn Kocab

How SEO Empowers Your Website and Increase Online Presence

Did you know that there are over 4 billion searches on Google every day? This figure goes even higher when you add searches on Yahoo, Bing, Baidu, among other search engines. That’s a lot of traffic, but you realize if your website is not on Google’s first pages, then you are most likely not winning clicks; your competitors are.

In this piece, we’ll look at why Search Engine Optimization (SEO) is an extremely valuable tool for empowering your website and increasing your online presence. Having the right SEO strategy will get your business on top search engine results in no time and give you the online success you have been craving.

How SEO Empowers Your Website and Increase Online Presence Quality SEO Improves Website Relevance and Visibility, Garnering More Web Traffic Recent 2020 SEO statistics show that on Google’s first page results, the first 5 account for up to 67% of all clicks. Again, three of every four internet users will not scroll past Google’s first page results. What this means is that to remain relevant and win the clicks, you need SEO best practices. Recent study results also reveal that up to 91% of all web pages are not visible on Google, which means they do not receive any traffic. The study also found that only about 0.30% of web pages receive over 1000 visits.

Without proper SEO, your web pages are more likely going to be among the invisible ones. SEO best practices will improve your web traffic from organic search and earn you traffic from links in unique websites. This, combined with the many other benefits of SEO, will keep your website relevant and competitive.

SEO is organic; It Does Not Involve Paid Advertising This is one of the major advantages of SEO. With the right SEO strategy, you don’t need to pay for virtual ad spaces to have a strong online presence. Understanding what keywords to target and how to create evergreen content are just some of the simple SEO best practices that will get your website on Google’s first page. Research actually shows that paid search is never going to replace SEO. Powerful SEO stands out in nurturing leads and increasing conversions.

SEO is Quantifiable With the right SEO, you can easily measure various aspects of your online results. SEO service providers use tools such as Google Analytics to track site traffic, monitor conversions, and other metrics key to your online success. You are, therefore, able to understand what is working and what isn’t, so you can invest more in what is delivering results.

SEO Builds Boosts Authority, Credibility, and Trust There is no way your website is going to build credibility and establish trust and authority without SEO. These are qualities of top websites that are only accrued over time due to such SEO elements as: - Quality backlink profiles: Links from reputable websites have a huge positive effect on your site’s trustworthiness and credibility. - Properly optimized content, as well as on-page elements: Content is always king. Your content should always be fresh, easy to digest, and free of errors. - Positive user experiences: The more visitors you get, the more trust your site garners. Trust often leads to credibility and establishes authority.

It is important to emphasize that you are not going to build credibility overnight. You require the right SEO tools, patience, and commitment to SEO best practices.

Quality SEO Improves User Experience How user-friendly your website is plays a vital role in its visibility and ranking on search engines. Your website should be able to provide visitors the information they are looking for in a few clicks. If, for instance, a visitor clicks on your web page and they don’t find what they need, they will leave your site. This hurts your online performance, especially since Google has a way of interpreting unfavorable user experiences.

Note also that SEO has significant positive impacts on buying cycles, and it all begins with good user experience. More and more people are researching stuff online before purchasing. If your website can’t give them the information they need, your competitor will win the clicks and conversions.

Let Us Give Your Website the Best Results Our SEO solutions at Myna Marketing are designed to offer our customers a long-term placement on the first pages of search engines. Our team of experienced SEO specialists will formulate and implement powerful SEO strategies that will see your web traffic and leads increase. Our well-researched marketing plans, professional execution, and up to date SEO tools are sure to give your website an edge over competitors’.

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