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Outdated SEO Practices You Better Avoid

The SEO game is ever-changing as search engines such as Google are trying to make their algorithms more sophisticated to provide a better service for its users. Right now, the quality of your website is based on different factors, and not simply by using a lot of keywords. There is also a certain keyword density that signifies the quality of articles. But there are certain techniques that are still being used by other websites that can hurt the SEO rank of your website immediately.

5 Outdated SEO Techniques

1. Keyword Stuffing Years ago, a lot of websites had beaten Google algorithms by stuffing keywords into their articles, thus, fooling the algorithm by thinking that their content is more relevant to others. It worked for a bit but Google and other search engines caught on easily. Google has updated its algorithm, making sure that the number of keywords is not too much that the article loses its meaning.

2. Over-Optimizing Anchor Text Optimizing the anchor text is one of the SEO techniques that help. The more relevant the anchor text is, the more optimized your website is for search engines. Google uses this to avoid ranking websites that are full of irrelevant links. Make sure that the links comes naturally and are optimized for the users.

3. Usage Of Content Generators The algorithm is sophisticated enough to make sense of the article and sniff out articles that used content generators and does not make much sense. If your website has very thin content and does not add any value to the readers, it will not rank high in SEO. While it adds more content to your website, it does not add more quality and thus, does not help your SEO ranks.

4. Using Broad Keywords If your keywords are appealing to a broad but vague customer base, then Google is not going to put your content on top of the SERP. The more specific the keywords you are using, the better it will be for your SEO rank. Google aims to be more specific to be able to give their users the right website on the first try. The usage of broad keywords can show that your content is not relevant enough.

5. Linking From Irrelevant Websites Backlinking is a great signifier for the algorithm that the website provided has excellent content. But linking from irrelevant sites that do not have a high domain authority shows that you are merely adding unnatural links that can decrease your SEO rank.

Thinking Of Updating Your SEO? Nobody knows the actual algorithm that Google uses, but one thing is for sure, it is sophisticated enough to understand what the audience wants. Google puts the best websites on the top of the search engine resultspage if they are related to the user's query.

If you want to make sure that your SEO is up to date, the best thing to do is to consult an expert so that you will be able to keep your SEO up to date and avoid being penalized for using outdated SEO techniques

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